Dodgers Fan Gets Tackled By Security Guard Mid-Proposal on Field

Perhaps a Los Angeles Dodgers security guard thought he was doing the guy a favor.

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After all, the fan tackled by the security guard on the field was proposing marriage to his love. And we all know that marriages don’t work out these days. Right? Well, maybe, but it’s still considered a life-altering moment.


Either way, this particular proposal came with some pain — as the groom-to-be climbed the wall in center field, faced the crowd and dropped to one knee.

Then he was dropped … period. Or more accurately, body-slammed by a security guard who made a textbook NFL-style tackle. A few other guards rushed in to help with the cause.

On the bright side, TMZ reported that she said “Yes.” And how could she not after a proposal like that? Already, her future husband appears willing to accept the idea that sometimes, love hurts.

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