Video Shows Emergency Responder Rescuing 1-Year-Old Son From Drowning In Pool

On May 16th, tragedy nearly struck for one-year-old Cole and his family. Thankfully Cole’s dad, Mr. Petite, flew in and saved the day- not today’s death, not today. The terrifying scene was caught on a Ring camera.

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Zachary Petite is a first responder in Southern California. He works as a paramedic and a fire engineer at the Hemet Fire Department according to the New York Post. Zack and his wife Jessica had taken many precautions to keep their little boy safe near their pool. The couple had set out a fence and had put an appropriately sized Personal Flotation Device (PFD) on their kid. Even then, the protective measures did not prevent the curious little rascal from waddling right into danger.

The less than 40-second clip shows just how quickly a small child can get into serious trouble. Though the video does not have sound, it appears as if Zack had turned his back for mere moments when the little guy saw his chance.

Video Shows Emergency Responder Rescuing 1-Year-Old Son From Drowning In Pool

The video shows Cole start by removing his own PDF, a scarily impressive move for a one-year-old. Once accomplished, Cole hobbled over to the edge of the pool. Suddenly, the sunny and enjoyable day took a turn for the worst. Little Cole squatted down next to the pool and slid right in. The overly adventurous boy began to sink straight to the bottom of the pool.

Cole was on his way to drowning when Zack whipped around and flew onto the scene. Diving onto the pool deck, Zack snatched Cole from the floor of the pool rescuing him from a watery fate. Hopefully, Zack will get his eager little boy some swim lessons before he tries to train himself again.

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