Florida Man Seems Unfazed After Alligator Attack Bites Off His Right Arm: ‘It’s Not The End of the World’

This past Sunday, May 21st, 23-year-old Jordan Rivera was attacked by an alligator. Just behind the Banditos Bar in Port Charlotte Florida, Rivera managed to fall into the pond. What had started as a bathroom break, swiftly developed into a nightmare.

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At about 1:40 am the Florida man was tired of waiting in line to use the bar bathroom. Instead, he chose to utilize the great outdoors and found himself a spot in the deep darkness behind the establishment. People reported that the last thing Rivera remembered before waking up in a hospital was falling into the pond…

A bystander named Manny Hidalgo heard the man’s whaling and saw him emerging out of the dark pond. The bystanders managed to put a tourniquet on Jordan before the emergency teams arrived.

The unfortunate man had encountered a 10.5-foot-long alligator. The alligator grabbed hold of the lower half of Rivera’s right arm and tore it off. Thankfully, between the bystanders and the Charlotte first responders, Jordan made it to the Fort Myers, Gulf Coast Hospital.

Florida Man Seems Unfazed After Alligator Attack Bites Off His Right Arm: ‘It’s Not The End of the World’

Jordan finally woke up uttering merely: “Whoa.” He soon realized that his arm had been amputated due to the ghastly bite. He then remarked: “It kind of feels like my arm is just there, but not there.” His mother commented that she is thankful that her boy is still alive and that it was miraculous that the bystanders had a tourniquet on hand.

Rivera continued to come to his senses in the hospital bed where he bluntly pointed out: “They got my elbow. So, I don’t have an elbow.” He continued to take the tragic event rather well saying: “I didn’t lose my life, I lost an arm.” The gator may have won the battle, yet the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission won the war after ‘humanely killing’ the reptile.

Even after losing a little more than half of his arm trying to use the bathroom, Jordan was able to simply state: “It’s not the end of the world.” Meh, oh well, just another day in Florida.

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