For Some Dumb Reason Scientists Revived a 48,500-Year-Old ‘Zombie’ Virus Because Well, We Haven’t Learned Anything

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Nothing like messing with a virus on what we hope is the backend of a pandemic that cost the world some major problems.

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But that’s what French scientists say they have done after supposedly reviving a dormant in Arctic “zombie” virus that sat in permafrost for nearly 50,000 years.

This, of course, is all based on the idea that the world actually existed 50,000 years ago. If you believe it has, well, then there is no excuse for messing with a zombie virus.

After all, how many people have seen The Walking Dead and are now terrified of an apocalypse?

How many more are aware of COVID-19 and the havoc it has created across the globe?

Nevertheless, scientists told CNN that he and his team discovered the virus, and instead of leaving well enough alone, decided to start running some tests.

Yeah, great plan.

“We view these amoeba-infecting viruses as surrogates for all other possible viruses that might be in permafrost,” Jean-Michel Claverie told CNN, via OutKick. “We see the traces of many, many, many other viruses. So we know they are there. We don’t know for sure that they are still alive. But our reasoning is that if the amoeba viruses are still alive, there is no reason why the other viruses will not be still alive, and capable of infecting their own hosts.”

Now, Claverie’s excuse is the virus needed to be tested, given that some of those areas covered in frost are allegedly melting. So once the stuff covered in ice melts, the virus will be unleashed.

That’s if a team of scientists doesn’t unleash it first, of course.

“This wrongly suggests that such occurrences are rare and that ‘zombie viruses’ are not a public health threat,” he wrote in a journal.

Oh, it seems they certainly could become a threat now, thanks to Claverie and friends.

A better idea would be to discover the so-called virus, leave it where it is, then move on to the next batch of research. We can worry about this one when all the ice melts.

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