Kind-Hearted Samaritans Save Highway Patrol Officer from Vicious Assault

(Photo by Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

A California Highway Patrol officer (CHiPs) found himself in a full-on grappling match at 5:00 pm near Interstate 5. At first, the officer had simply issued the assailant a warning, but it did not go over so well with the individual.

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Two officers had pulled over to talk to a man who had been shouting at drivers and issued the warning. After the job had been done, the officers began to hop back on their motorcycles. As soon as the first officer left the scene the man in question immediately threw the other from his bike and began beating down on him. The patrolman put up a fight but the attacker had the element of surprise.

Kind-hearted Samaritans Save Highway Patrol Officer from Vicious Assault

The suspect managed to wrestle the officer to the ground and set a headlock. At this very moment, Everado Navarro and a couple of others rushed to defend the battered officer. As reported by the New York Post, the three Good Samaritans were able to subdue the assailant.

Navarro reported later that he thought of his kids at that moment and thought to himself that the officer likely had a family too. He added: “I punched the guy in the ribs but it felt like nothing. He just continued grabbing the officer down. At that moment, my only concern was to avoid the person from grabbing the officer’s gun.”

Once the situation was under control the attacker was sent to the Orange County jail, where he had just been released the day prior according to FoxLA.

Afterward, the policeman thanked the three men with all the gratitude that he could muster. Navarro and the other two brave men saved the life of the officer.

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