Grandfather Unveils Incredible Weight Loss Results from 100-Day McDonald’s Diet

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57-year-old grandfather Kevin Maginnis has revealed that he lost almost 60 pounds after 100 days of eating McDonald’s three times a day. The Nashville native disclosed that he mainly indulged in the fast food chain’s burgers and fries. He apparently went from 238 pounds to 179.5 pounds due to only eating out at the fast food chain.

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Maginnis initially began showcasing his weight-loss journey with the public on February 21, and now frequently posts videos on TikTok. While a guest on NBC’s Today Show this past Thursday, Maginnis cleverly said, “Hey, don’t be bitter while I’m eating my apple fritter and losing weight.”

Grandfather At McDonald’s to Lose Weight

Maginnis believes that weight loss is not about the food one eats, but actually about the portions. The man stated that he would only eat half of the portion given to him by McDonald’s, and would have water to wash down his food rather than soda.

Maginnis said, “Because I was eating so small, I was always hungry by the time the next meal rolled around. Are there better micronutrients or macronutrients for brain health? Absolutely. But when it comes to getting rid of obesity, reduce the size of the meals.” 

During an interview with Fox News, Maginnis stated that his diet consisted of two burritos and a hash brown or muffin in the morning. The man would only eat half of that meal, and save the other half for lunch. When dinnertime rolled around, Maginnis would order a Big Mac meal, eat half of it, and consume the rest the next day. He added, “Save [the] other half for the next meal, rinse and repeat, and it’s been absolutely amazing.”

Maginnis also revealed that since the diet, his triglycerides and cholesterol have greatly improved. He told Today, “Can eating a quarter pounder with cheese improve my A1C? Looks like it can because I was pre-diabetic before, down into healthy ranges now.”

Due to the Nashville grandfather’s success with his McDonald’s diet, Maginnis’s wife has started a McDonald’s diet of her own. After 65 days, the woman reportedly lost 18 pounds.

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