Groom Goes Viral After Extreme Reaction to Wedding Guests Throwing Cake at His Bride

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Someone’s wedding day should be the most glorious day of their lives, but this is not how it went down for a newlywed couple who appeared in a viral TikTok. The TikTok in question depicts a most likely drunken guest smashing his hands into the couple’s wedding cake before throwing it on them. What happens next has made the internet go wild.

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The video begins innocently enough, with the couple standing next to each other in front of their wedding cake. The husband has a large knife in his hand, presumably because he just cut the cake. However, just after two seconds of calm, the disorderly wedding guest showed his face.

Wedding Guest Goes Off the Wall

The guest proceeds to smash his hands into the couple’s cake, before shoving pieces of it into the groom’s face. The man then throws pieces of smushed cake at the bride, who walks away embarrassed. The groom stands still for a moment, contemplating his next move.

Soon, the groom suddenly confronts the chaotic guest and punches him right in the face, knocking the man down to the ground. The man gets up with a smile on his face and stumbles towards the groom with his arms open. It is not clear whether the guest wants to hug the groom or attack him, but another guest pulls the man away. The groom just stares at the man while wearing a face of contempt.

The viral clip has received lots of reactions from various social media users. One social media user commented, “When people ruin a perfectly good cake… The amount of rage that floods my body is unmeasurable.” Another said, “Everyone who literally just came for the cake is pissed rn.” While most viewers were on the side of the bride and groom, one person called the cake throwing a “great shot” made by the guest.

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