Influencer Says She Paid $3.5K to Freeze-Dry Her Dead Cat So They Can Be ‘Together Forever’

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TikTok influencer and clothing designer Soren High, 35, has revealed that she has engaged in some unorthodox practices after the death of her beloved cat in February. In a viral TikTok that has garnered 4.9 million views, High said, “I witnessed my cat being killed by a dog I was fostering in front of my house late at night.”

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High soon revealed that she had her deceased 16-year-old cat freeze-dried so she could still feel her pet’s presence. The woman had her cat’s remains sent to the Animal Family Pet Preservation in Ohio after keeping the animal’s body in her own freezer for about a month. In the video, High is seen unboxing her preserved cat, and even pull’s the late pet’s organ’s out of the box, including its heart.

Woman Posts Video of Freeze-Dried Cat


Remembering Lokicat the only way she deserved ❤️ having a pet preserved is a personal decision and one that many may never understand. When i got Lokicat as a kitten, I knew this was how i was going to deal with ber death. I knew i never wanted her to be gone, and that I wanted to always have her with me. Her death was sudden, even though she was 16. We never expected this would happen and especially by a dog we had been fostering. This situation broke us into a billion pieces. After finding a home for the dog, we had Loki preserved through @Animal Family Pet with help through donations and raising funds with memorial fabrics and pieces. Her preservation cost nearly $3k and it was worth every Penny. . . #petmemorial #petpreservation #taxidermy #petsoftiktok #freezedriedpets #fypシ #foryou #grief #loss #memorial

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In regards to the loss of her pet, High said, “This has been one of the hardest losses of my life, and I’ve never experienced anything like this before, and since her death was such a sudden loss.” While speaking with Insider, High revealed  “I knew I wanted to have [Lokicat] preserved the day I took her home. It was an immediate knowledge that we were going to be together forever.”

In another TikTok, High said, “Freeze drying has less impact on the body tissues [compared to taxidermy], making the preservation much more ideal. There’s very little chance that she wouldn’t look like herself through freeze-dry.”

In the rather strange yet emotional unboxing video, High tearfully holds her preserved cat after pulling it from a box. She says, “Having the ability to touch her again is really special, being able to see her in the house again, just knowing that she’s here, I personally believe it will really help me with my grief.”

High keeps Lokicat on her bedside table and says she’s extremely happy with her choice to preserve her pet. She added, “I’m very, very, very happy to see her right now. I’m happy to wake up next to her in the morning, and I can pet her.” 

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