Influencer Says She ‘Poisons’ Her Food To Stop Roommates From Stealing It

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An uncomfortable TikTok posted by a TikToker named Sarah depicts the young woman pouring salt in her milk so her roommates would drink it. The woman was upset that her roommates were consuming her groceries, so she decided to play a cruel prank on them.

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The TikTok, which now has over 40k likes, begins with a photo of Sarah and text that reads, “Throwback to 2 years ago when I had to poison my food because my flatmates kept stealing it.” Then, the video cuts to the young woman sitting at a table with a carton of milk in front of her.

Strange TikTok Shows Woman “Poisoning” Her Milk


And I have absolutely no regrets and yes someone drank it #university #flatmates #freshers

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In the video, Sarah says, “So, people want to drink my milk and want to put it back empty in the fridge. So we’re gonna see who’s who.” She soon takes a container of salt and dumps it into the milk carton before mixing it around and making a grotesque concoction.

After mixing her unappealing drink for a while, Sarah says, “Alright, that’s enough… Let’s go. You wanna play? You wanna be disrespectful. You think I’m a b–ch, you think I’m somebody’s clown.” The young woman then declares that she was putting the tainted milk back in the fridge to “wait for someone to drink it.” The video is captioned, “And I have absolutely no regrets and yes someone drank it.”

TikTokers rushed to the comments section of the strange video, with many siding with Sarah. One social media user wrote “I like this, because when they go low, I go LOWER,” while a second suggested, “You should of [sic] used a laxative lol.” However, another TikToker replied to that comment to say that would most likely bring some jail time. Yet another person commented, “You were too kind with just salt.” 

Some TikTokkers initially thought the substance that Sarah dumped into her milk was rat poison. While Sarah captioned joked about “poisoning” her roommates, what she did was more cruel than actually criminal.

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