Insane Video Shows Man Using Kite to Soar 100 Feet Into The Air

A man who flew a kite did more than just run around and let the wind do its thing. He became one with the kite. Or as the New York Post put it, “He got as high as a kite.”

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However you want to describe it, just know the Chinese man got lifted off the ground by his kite — on purpose.

As others on the beach in the city of Tangshan looked on in amazement, he just remained cool, calm and collected as he soared to nearly 100 feet. He was even higher than some of the other kites.

But don’t worry, this was all done by design. He is a professional.

Gone With The Wind

“The kite string is made of professional Kevlar and we use safety harnesses when playing, so there won’t be any problems,” a man named Tao said of the stunt, via the New York Post.

“Of course, only professionals dare to play like this.”

Tao added that he owned a kite shop and that the man taking flight was his friend. So yes, this was done intentionally.

Of course, there have been other tales like this that weren’t done on purpose. The bottom line is, if you want to get high as a kite, just make sure you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, keep two feet on the ground and just let the kite have all the fun while you watch. That’s what kites are for.

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