Magician Goes Viral For Helping Blind Man Experience Magic For The First Time


Professional magician Kevin Li acted out an incredibly sweet deed when he performed a magic trick for a blind man. Li catered the trick to touch, so the man could fully experience the happening.

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Early on in the video Li shared to TikTok under the username magickevinlee, the man, named Michael, told him “I’m blind so the magic won’t work for me but that’s ok.” When Li heard that, he made sure to do a trick he knew the man would be able to experience.

Kevin Lee’s Heartwarming Magic Trick


One of my most memorable performances. There’s always a way to experience magic ❤️ Thanks for having me @Google #magician #kevinlimagic #google

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At the start of the video, Li can be heard saying “I really want you to experience the magic right now.” Li begins the magic trick by handing Michael two quarters, before saying, “make sure they’re not chocolate coins,” as a joke. Michael plays along with the joke, tapping the quarters on the table he’s sitting at to make sure they are indeed real.

Li then asks Michael to hold on to one quarter and put the other away, and to draw on the quarter he’s holding onto with a marker. Li proceeds to ask his one-man audience to squeeze the quarter in the palm of his hand and tells him to imagine that the coin is made out of rubber. Li then says “Visualize it heating up just a little bit.”

Li asks Michael if the quarter is warming up, and he responds yes. When Li asks this, the viewer can see that steam is starting to appear from out of Michael’s hands. Li says to Michael, “You feel it getting softer?”

Li finally asks Michael to stop grasping the coin and feel it in his other hand, revealing that the coin has turned into rubber. Michael has a big smile on his face, seeming very impressed, and says, “I don’t know how you did that, that’s pretty cool.” Li informs Michael that he can keep the coin “forever.”

Li is growing in popularity as a professional magician due to his popular TikTok page. Li currently has 267k followers on TikTok, with this video garnering 472.2k likes.

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