Terrifying Video Shows Airplane Passengers Panic as Man Opens Door While In The Air

On a South Korea flight from the island Jeju heading to Daegu, a passenger aboard the flight opened the emergency door before the plane landed.

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Still about 700 feet in the air, everyone on the plane had their seatbelts on expecting to land soon. What no one on the plane was expecting was a draft of fresh air to blast them in the face. Yet that is exactly what happened on the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321.

While descending towards the airport the man, age 30, was seen pulling open the emergency door. According to the New York Post, experts say that opening the door during the flight should be impossible. Well, however he did it, the crazy passenger managed to crack it open. Those watching the madness unfold reported that the man also attempted to hop out the door he opened. Thankfully some of the other passengers were able to hold him back.

Terrifying Video Shows Airplane Passengers Panic as Man Opens Door While In The Air

Many of the passengers close to the opening passed out and others panicked as the wind gushed in, beating against the inside of the plane cabin. The flight attendants called out for any doctors on board over the intercom according to one passenger. Several suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital immediately after landing for inspection. Thankfully none of the 194 passengers were severely harmed.

The suspect was arrested. When arrested, he confessed to opening the door yet will not give any reasoning behind it. He was tested and not drunk at all. An investigation has ensued to determine how the man pulled it off and what the motive behind the terrifying maneuver was.

The BBC reported authorities saying: “It is difficult to have a normal conversation with him.” As you could imagine, talking with someone who felt the need to open a plane mid-flight. “We will investigate the motive of the crime and punish him.”

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