Man Trapped Inside Submerged Car Saved by Deputies Tracking Phone Distress Signal


A Florida man who was sinking inside his vehicle was rescued after deputies pulled him free from the submerged wreckage, as relayed by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

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Police said they received a distress call from the 38-year-old man’s cell phone, which offered the longitude and latitude of the incident.

They used Google Maps to track down the precise location in Indiantown, north of Miami.

But once deputies arrived, they saw little more than a body of water. As footage from Martins County Sheriff’s Office revealed, however, one deputy spotted the man’s vehicle, turned upside-down in the water.

“We got you buddy … I’m going to figure a way in,” a deputy shouted.

Inside the car, a man’s voice can be heard crying for help.

“Stay back from the window buddy, I’m going to bust it,” the deputy said.

Man Trapped Inside Submerged Car Saved by Deputies

A second video showed the door being forced open as the deputies brought the man to safety.

“Can you get me a blanket please sir, I’m freezing,” he said while still inside the car.

The unidentified male was taken to the hospital with what were believed to be minor injuries.

“We would like to commend our brave deputies and incredible dispatchers for their perseverance and bravery locating and rescuing this crash victim using only coordinates automatically launched from the victim’s phone,” the Martins County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Amazing technology, and amazing work.”

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