Man Who Died and Came Back to Life Reveals The Truth About ‘The White Light’


A British man who was officially declared dead before being revived by doctors said he experienced the afterlife, ever so briefly.

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Kevin Hill, 55, underwent a heart valve operation last year. During the procedure, his heart stopped beating altogether.

“I wasn’t looking down at my body, but I was separate from my body,” he said, via the New York Post. “It was like I was in the spirit realm. I was conscious of what was going on, but I had so much peace.”

Doctors managed to get his heart going again.

“Then I just went to sleep, and I woke up alive and the bleeding had stopped,” he said. “I knew it wasn’t my time to die.”

Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill with his wife. (SWNS)

Hill spoke to the South West News Service about the experience, saying he felt a sense of peace. He dd not, however, see a “white light,” as so many others who have similar stories have claimed.

Either way, the peace he felt was a lot different than the heart issues he experienced, causing his legs to swell up because of water retention. He said on a scale of 1-10, his pain was at about “a 100.”

But the experience of dying, and coming back, has made him a change man, he added. After a year in the hospital, Hill finally returned home to his wife.

“The situation has made me refocus my priorities,” he said. “When I came out of the hospital, my family atmosphere changed dramatically.”

“I have become more resilient. I know I can bounce back.”

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