Marathon Runner Says She Pooped Herself Midway, Set New Record

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It can be hard to run a marathon, especially when one feels nature’s urge to go and they can’t stop, and that’s the exact hardship longtime runner Tamara Torlakson faced back in 2018.

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Torlakson spoke to Insider for a 2021 article that resurfaced into the public eye after going viral this Monday. Torlakson told Insider that she went number 2 in her pants while participating in the Long Beach Mountains 2 Beach Marathon, but decided to keep on running until making it to the finish line. Torlakson claims her “new mom energy” caused her to throw her inhibitions to the wind and finish the race after her accident.

Torlakson said that she felt healthy prior to the race and that there was no indication that this particular function would occur during the marathon, which was a distance that she completed six times before she gave birth to her child. Torlakson said, “Training was going really well — I knew I was in really good shape.”

The Mountains 2 Beach Marathon consisted of a trek on foot from Ojai, California to West Los Angeles. The race began like any other for Torlakson, until she felt a potential bowel movement come on during the 13th mile of the marathon.

New Mom Poops Her Pants During Marathon

On the matter of feeling the need to use the restroom during the race, Torlakson said she thought “‘I don’t know if it’s possible to poop while running, but I will try.’” She then added, “I didn’t want one poop to mess it all up.”

Even though it may seem like the taboo thing to do, Torlakson said she felt much better after deciding to let loose in the built-in underwear of the shorts she was wearing. “It just came out and I felt a lot better,” she said.

Torlakson finished the race with her own excrement in her shorts, completing another 13 miles after the incident. Torlakson added that she didn’t “give a s***” after her impromptu bathroom break and that “marathoners don’t judge.” At the end of the race, Torlakson reportedly exclaimed “I pooped my pants” to her loved ones who were there waiting for her at the finish line.

Dr. Devin Smith spoke to UnityPoint Health about accidents while participating in exercise, saying “Walking and jogging tend to increase gastric motility and gastric emptying in everyone; this is a physiologic response. Movement gets the digestive system moving a little more quickly than if you are sitting still. While it may be inconvenient, it’s never in and of itself a dangerous sign.”

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