Massive Brawl Breaks Out at an Oklahoma High School Girls’ Basketball Game

A high school girls basketball game in Oklahoma was interrupted by a melee that involved more than players. Spectators, parents and even some cheerleaders got into the act, too.

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Video of the fight was obtained by TMZ, which showed players and fans from both Star Spencer High and Tulsa Central High throwing haymakers — and in a couple of instances, throwing each other around.

Brawl Break Out!

It’s unclear how the fight began, but it reportedly went on for about five minutes before police arrived to bring order to the court.

The game was taking place before a boys’ game, and the mothers of a boys player recorded the video.

“It really wasn’t like a dirty game,” the mother, Skylar Brooks, told KFOR. “I mean, everybody seemed normal. So, it definitely caught me off guard… There were a few players involved, but most of the players were standing back. So, yeah, it was definitely, I would say more of the fans and parents.”

The fight resulted in several suspensions, as well as a few parents being banned from athletic events for the remainder of the school year.

An Oklahoma Public Schools representative told TMZ that “students involved have been disciplined according to our Student Code of Conduct.”

“This was an unfortunate incident and does not reflect the values or sportsmanship that OKCPS expects of our students and fans,” the spokesperson said. “OKCPS officials worked with Tulsa Public Schools and the OSSAA to investigate the incident.”

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