Naked Man Nonchalantly Decides to Pump Gas While Several Film

Removing your clothes in public is one way to get attention. Removing your clothes and pumping gas? Well, you’ve got yourself a social media, viral-video frenzy.

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That said, most people still don’t do it. They pump gas while dressed.

But not this British guy.

He was seen in the raw, getting gas, standing outside a BMW with a license plate that read “NA 02 KED.”

So it seems nudity is important to this individual. That’s especially the case when it comes to his own nudity.

Got Gas?

Another man, Quinn Kelly, got the whole thing on video and posted it to his Facebook page.

“I stopped at the garage to pick up some bits,” Kelly, 26, told the South West News Service. “I came out after paying and I got a glance of him from the corner of my eye, he was behind the pillar.

“I thought ‘I swear that guy was naked.’ I got in my car and had a look. His plate said ‘naked’ as well. He was filling up his car bullock naked. He was casual about it.”

Kelly said he was so taken aback that he decided o stop at the gas station the next day.

“I went back the next day and asked the cashier if she saw him and she said she served him so we laughed about it,” Kelly said, via the New York Post. “It didn’t bother me, I thought it was a bit weird because there were kids in the petrol station but personally, I thought it was funny and thought ‘what the hell did I just see?’ It is what it is.”

Eventually, the nude man’s identity was revealed. Stuart Gilmour, 44, said he has been practicing “naturism” for about eight years.

“I saw Quinn’s photos on Facebook,” Gilmour told South West News Service. “I don’t do it for attention. I’m doing it to promote naturism and the benefits.”

Benefits? Well, according to Gilmour, being naked helps with his confidence and mental health.

“I’m more comfortable and confident without clothes, believe it or not,’ he said, via the Post. “It’s definitely done wonders for my body image.”

Sadly, it seems, it has done nothing for the price of gas.

As for the reactions, Gilmour said they range from friendly to freaked out. No shock there.

“I don’t really get bad reactions, someone told me to get my clothes on and that’s about it,” he said. “Everyone just has a giggle about it, asks for a photo and asks what it’s about.”

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