Study Finds Reusable Water Bottles Hold More Bacteria Than Toilet Seats

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Next time you decide to drink out of a water bottle a second time, just do yourself a favor and lick the toilet seat instead.

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At least, that’s what a recent study revealed — that reusable water bottles carry more bacteria than the seat on the commode.

The study was performed by It found reusable bottles can carry as much as 40,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. So it’s not like it’s just barely more than a toilet seat. It’s a lot, man.

Are Reusable Water Bottles Loaded With Bacteria?

The human mouth is home to a large number and range of different bacteria,” Imperial College London molecular microbiologist Andrew Edward said, via “So it’s not surprising that drinking vessels are covered in microbes.”

But for the record, it’s not really necessary to drink out of the toilet. Or completely avoid reused water bottles.

“I’ve never heard of someone getting sick from a water bottle,” University of Reading microbiologist Simon Clarke said. “Similarly, taps are clearly not a problem: when did you last hear of someone getting ill from pouring a glass of water from a tap?

“Water bottles are likely to be contaminated with the bacteria that are already in people’s mouths.”

In other words, your mouth also already has more bacteria in it than your average toilet seat. Comforting thought, no?

Either way, you may want to clean off your bottle before reusing it. The same perhaps can be said of your toilet seat, for that matter.

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  1. What a STUPID study. EVERYTHING has more bacteria than a toilet seat.
    Door knobs, hands, virtually anything we touch.

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