Texas A&M Athlete Streaks on field During Baseball Game

A freshman on the Texas A&M track and field team showed he can really move, but not during a meet. Instead, it was during an Aggies baseball game against bitter rival Texas.

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And Spencer Werner showed more than just his ability to move during the madness.

He also showed his buns.

Not to worry, Werner was wearing pants when he darted onto the field carrying a sign that read “Longhorns Suck.” It’s just that those pants were pulled down to reveal his backside as he continued to sprint and celebrate.

Werner, identified as the man in question by the Houston Chronicle, was also sporting a Darth Maul/Star Wars mask and black gloves, as well as something scribbled on his chest and stomach.

He was arrested for the stunt and by all accounts, is likely off the track and field team. In fact, he may not even be allowed to return to Texas A&M as a student, or for that matter, a streaker.

Texas A&M Athlete Streaks

Eventually, Werner hopped over the centerfield fence (though it took him more than one attempt), where a cop was standing there waiting.

“Don’t move,” the officer could be heard saying.

Werner quickly complied, dropping to his knees and raised his arms in the air. He has been banned from Texas A&M baseball games for two years.

No word on if he’ still ‘s still on the track team, but if so, he’s definitely brought the program some notoriety. And hey, that’s not such a bad thing.

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