Video: Osprey Protects Egg From Hail Storm, Baby Soon Emerges

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A mother osprey wasn’t about to let a little hail hurt her chick.

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OK, it was a lot of hail. And it stormed down all over the mother, who could have taken cover.

Instead, she opted to protect her egg and suffer the consequences. This act of motherly love was captured on surveillance video at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Colorado.

Mother Osprey Protects Her Babies

At the time, the mama osprey received endless praise for her bravery, and deservedly so.

Well, now her efforts have been brought to life, as the egg has hatched and baby osprey has arrived, as relayed by Denver’s 9News. And yes, the chick was born in the very nest its mother protected.

Ospreys are also called sea hawks, river hawks or fish hawks. Based on that, you can probably guess where they generally reside and what they like to eat.

It can be found on all continents except Antarctica. But given this mother’s actions, you would think an osprey could survive there too if it had to.

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