Wild Video Shows Teacher Being Sucked Out of Classroom During California Tornado

A word to the wise: When there’s a tornado going on, don’t open the door for a peak.

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You would think a teacher would know that, but she didn’t follow that advice and got sucked into the wind. In defense of the teacher, it may not have been known that there was an actual tornado going on.

It happened at a Los Angeles-area high school when one of the students reportedly told the teacher that another student had run outside. She opened the door to check.

Big Mistake.

@nbcla Force of small #LA tornado sucks teacher out door! Videos of the small tornado in #Montebello have been making the rounds on social media. In this one, a teacher on the second floor classroom was opening the door to get a student in from the balcony when the force of the wind sucked her out and knocked her down. #la #tornado #fyp ♬ original sound – NBCLA

But another student came to her rescue after the door was opened.

“All of a sudden, we opened the door a little bit and then we just see a gust of wind starting to build up and then it got faster and faster,” said a high school senior who reportedly came to the teacher’s rescue.

Thankfully, the teacher sustained only minor injuries.

For the record, this was the strongest twister to hit Los Angeles in 40 years, per the National Weather Service. This one damaged 17 buildings in the city, with 11 being red-tagged, according to NBC4 LA.

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  1. This, during hurricanes, as well. In hospital after hurricane Marilyn, a lady was brought in. Broken r. wrist, broken r. arm, broken r. collarbone, broken l. arm, broken l. wrist. Daughter was w/, & explained.; Mother was alone during the storm, got scared, decided to go to daughters (1 block away). Her front door sucked her outside, but slammed on her 5 times. Now, she’s out in 140+mph winds, and HURT! She got to her car, & got inside, somehow. Then spent 14+ hours in her car. I left, before hearing a final result, but those women’s whole lives changed w/ 1 decision.

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