Woman Says She Married Her ‘Step Daddy’: ‘Best Decision I Ever Made’

Via Instagram @christywho_

Another unusual occurrence has made its way up the viral ranks on the internet. A Tiktok user by the name of @chrisywho_ has announced that she married her former stepfather in Las Vegas.

Videos by Rare

“Marrying my stepdad was the best decision I’ve ever made,” the text on the video read. The clip shows the woman with her legs wrapped around the man’s waist as they share a kiss at their wedding. The officiant and the attendees cheer around them.

Odd Occurrences

She previously shared snapshots of their Vegas wedding last May.

In proper viewer fashion, comments are telling the story and unraveling the odd details. Like how her mother, the former wife of her now husband, is the one filming the video of them sharing the post-vow kiss.

Over the past year, Christy has shared additional details about their life. They share three children together. She posted text to a video of the couple in the hospital with their newborn “When you realize you were the one he wanted to build a family with.”

The caption underneath the clip read, “We needed each other.”

In addition to the wedding in Vegas, Christy also shared her pregnancy in May of last year.

Unsavory Details

She acknowledges the large age difference between her and her husband. She was just a toddler when he was a grown adult. The shock and disbelief that viewers carry seems to amuse the user and she continues to share the unorthodox details of their life together.

Some commenters find themselves championing her decision to wed a former family member while others can’t seem to shake the idea from their minds.

“I miss the days when secrets existed,” one user commented.

“Am I the only wondering how your mom is doing?” another added.

“Def thought i smoked to much, but nope. i did infact read that correctly,” a comment read.

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