Women’s NIT Tournament Game Ends With Vicious Punch in Handshake Line


The postgame handshake line is supposed to be a place of peace, of congratulations, or saying nothing more than “good game” to the opponent.

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But for the Women’s National Invitational Tournament game between Memphis and Bowling Green, it turned into a battle ground — and now, a police investigation.

The incident happened after Bowling Green walked off with a 73-60 win, and Memphis guard Jamirah Shutes stopped to talk with Bowling Green guard Elissa Brett. You guessed it, in the “handshake” line.

Suddenly, Shutes threw a massive punch. Brett hit the floor. Details beyond that are sketchy, beyond Shutes being escorted off the court by a Tigers staff member.

Shutes is a fifth-year senior who led Memphis in scoring. She did take an elbow to the face in the first half, per the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Meanwhile, Bowling Green announced the police investigation in a statement.

“The incident that took place following tonight’s home WNIT game has been turned over to the BGSU Police Department,” the school said.

“Bowling Green State University Athletics does not make comments about active police investigations. Our priority is with the health, safety, and support of our student-athletes.”

Yet another reason why the handshake line is dumb. Emotions are high immediately after a game. You just finished going to a basketball war with the opponent. The team that lost is ticked. Can’t we all just go back to our locker rooms after the game?

Bowling Green advanced to the NIT quarterfinals with the win. Memphis’ season is over.

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  1. How about we stop letting thugs and gansters play college sports. make an example of her and throw her in jail where she belongs…stop making excuses that the Good sportsmanship line is the problems…Unfortuately she is a 5th year senior, I’ll bet she was nowhere close to graduating…but she should be led off campus with cuffs on…

  2. Completely agree with Fred and Slm. Why is it such a high expectation that people be civil in all walks of life. Life isn’t fair and sports like life, isn’t perfect [officiating etc]. Grow up and take the good with the bad without blaming others.

    • You grow UP ! This isn’t the time to decide if life is fair! I had a MOTHER & DAD Oldest of 13 Children , no indoor water or bathroom just a hand pump and a privy . And One kerosene Stove . WE never fought just fooling around. Never hit each other!! We all became successful ! Green Bay, Wis.

  3. In these times I shan’t (shall not) say what I’m thinking. I agree with Fred,slm and Monica. Where’s the outrage over this? Oh that’s right she’s probably opressed.

  4. “She did take an elbow to the face in the first half . . .” uh, let me think, this is a basketball game, right? Elbows get thrown in-advertently all the time, with no ill intent. That doesn’t give a person the right to retaliate in such a crude manner, probably an hour later.

  5. She committed assault and should be arrested and charged accordingly. She should also be off the team permanently and more repercussions from her immature actions. I don’t care how “pissed off” she was. Is she not grown, I don’t want to hear excuses. Slam her in the face with the justice system. Period.

  6. The reason you shake hands after the game is that personal character is more important than winning and losing. Unfortunately some players and coaches show their lack of character. If wrestlers can shake hands after beating on each other the entire match than I think basketball players could handle it. Some people need to grow up.

  7. That’s assault and she must be in jail. That’s a true loser …but she’s oppressed and “privileged” and “it’s ok”. However, if the other player threw the punch at her, you bet she’s immediately handcuffed, put in jail, and banned to play again.

  8. “Yet another reason why handshake line is dumb.” Really? Because some bitch can’t control herself? Charge the little thug with assault, kick her ass out of school and she can spend the rest of her miserable life on welfare. But you would rather every other college player pay for her actions.

  9. I guess I don’t understand the “investigation”. The video clearly shows it and a lot of witnesses. She should have been arrested immediately just as any other person would. Memphis should throw her off campus. Self control seems to be a thing of the past. If you make sportsmanship less important by eliminating the line then it will become less important in the game.

  10. This was her Will Smith moment, and it is even sadder for the others on her team who played their hearts out only to lose and then be disgraced by vengeance.

  11. She should be thrown off the team, and if her being on the team means losing a scholarship because of it, so be it, she would have to pay for school herself.

  12. Fred got it right…THUGS!!! AND again, probably no where close to graduating and probably couldn’t put a complete sentence together.

  13. Assault is assault, they should act according and have her arrested. If you have no consaqeses to bad behavior then you are encouraging the bad behavior.

  14. If player(s) or a team cannot behaviorally handle the end of game sportsmanship handshake that program needs some serious intervention because they are NOT making their participants disciplined, gracious or better people.

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