Rare Contributor

Christopher Chantrill

Christopher Chantrill decided in 2007 to no longer sit on the political sidelines. He built his own data-heavy website, documenting the depth of government spending — federal, state and local. Since then usgovernmentspending.com has become the go-to site for those looking for data about U.S. government finances.

He worked all his life as a computer guy but, after leaving a contracting assignment at Microsoft on September 11, 2001, he took some time off to write a book. “Road to the Middle Class” shows how ordinary people in the 19th century successfully adapted to the challenges of life in the industrial city through enthusiastic Christianity, a dogged pursuit of education, a web of mutual-aid associations and a respect for the law. And there wasn’t a single liberal around back then to tell them how to do it.

Since late 2003, Mr. Chantrill has been writing weekly columns for The American Thinker and blogging at roadtothemiddleclass.com. He’s now writing “An American Manifesto” using ideas from the left to argue for limited government and civil society.