Rare Contributor

Rick Robinson

Rick Robinson is an award-winning novelist and top-selling political humorist. As a conservative humorist, 48 percent of Americans think his work is devoid of any journalistic value whatsoever — let alone humor. Of the remaining 52 percent, half of them think his columns are serious. Yet, the remaining group helped make his collection of columns, titled “Strange Bedfellow,” premiere at No. 1 on Amazon?s Top Seller List of political humor. Mr. Robinson?s novels ? “Alligator Alley,” “Writ of Mandamus,” “Manifest Destiny,” “Sniper Bid” and “Maximum Contribution” ? have won national and international awards, including top recognition at the London and Paris book festivals. In 2011, he was named the International Independent Author of the Year. When he?s not writing, Mr. Robinson tries to be a dad, husband, lawyer and struggling Irish punk rock mandolin player.