Among The Thirsty’s song “Completely” is one we all need to hear YouTube/Screenshot

Christian band Among The Thirsty seeks to not only appeal to Christian listeners, but to also reach out to the lost and the hurting.

Band member Ryan Daniel said that the band hopes to appeal to a wide range of listeners:

“We have songs for the church as well as for the hurting, seeking and lost, our desire is to eradicate the line between Christian and secular music.”

Here, the group sings their single “Completely.” This song shares a message of full surrender and giving ourselves over “completely” to God, His plans and His purpose.

I’m feeling so small
Standing here weeping
As I’m coming clean
Of the secrets I’m keeping
I’ve caused so much pain
To the ones I love the most
And I’m falling apart
As I carry my heart to Your throne

I am completely surrendering
Finally giving You everything
You’re my redeemer, I run to the cross
Because You are more than enough
Lord complete me
Cause I’m Yours completely

Have you given yourself completely to God?

“So give yourselves completely to God. Stand against the devil, and the devil will run from you. Come near to God, and God will come near to you” (James 4:7-8 NCV).

Elizabeth Vale is a contributor for Rare.
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