What this little boy did in childlike faith to help California firefighters will melt your heart Facebook

Thousands of firefighters are battling deadly wildfires all over California. So far, the wildfires have taken the life of one person, destroyed hundreds of homes and burned hundreds of thousands of acres of land.

When one little boy saw the devastation caused by the fires, he decided to help in the only way he knew how – by praying.

According to ABC7 News in San Francisco, after seeing the news about the fires on TV, four-year-old Brody went and put on his firefighter Halloween costume and prayed for the firefighters who were fighting the wildfires.

After Brody’s mom shared the photo, ABC7 News posted it on their Facebook page and it has since gone viral, with the latest count showing the photo had been liked over 64,000 times and shared 24,000 times.

Isn’t it amazing what an impact a child’s act of faith can have? What if we all had the same reaction to crisis? What if, instead of worrying, we automatically went to the one place where we knew we could make a difference? What if we all fought our battles, first, on our knees in prayer?

Elizabeth Vale is a contributor for Rare.
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