Spoken Word Poet Amena Brown Will Give You Chills with “God Is Here”

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Videos by Rare

This powerful recitation by spoken word poet Amena Brown is a powerful reminder that God is always, always with us.

He is here
He’s right here
In this room, in your heart
He is near
Nearer than breath, heartbeat
Nearer than you are to you
Closer than second chance, or next opportunity
Closer than tonight or yesterday
He is real
More real than touch, see, hear, smell, or taste
More real than reality—he is our reality
More real than joy, pain, sorrow, or the love of being in love
He is present
Like space, wind, time, silence, night
He is waiting
Like creation, like words on the tip of tongue
Like songs that have yet to be sung
He is beauty
In oranges, blues, every hue, every shade
Sunset and sunrise whisper his name
He is holy
Cannot be touched, explained
Like sweet seconds of prayer
like grandmother on knees, wood floor bare
He is old hymns
The extending of limbs stretched across trees
Stripes to heal disease
He is Son
Distinctly three, distinctly one
The only one, the only wise, the only resurrector of lives
He is king
And no earthly throne can house him
No amount of elegant words can espouse him
He is moment and voice, power of choice
In word and deed, in fruit and seed
Nailed hands, nailed feet
Innocent wounds that bleed
He is believe
He is all, he is call and purpose
Everything we can sacrifice—he’s worth it and more, much more
Our good deeds are mere pennies, will never even the score
He is behold and wow
He is who, what, when, why, how
He’s the one who puts on the show
He’s the one that we come to see
He is soul’s cry and sinner’s plea
He is the epitome that no one light a candle to
Or come within a million foot pole of
He is above
He is a father’s love
Maker of ways, of earth and wind, Ancient of Days
Has no fear, had no fear, have no fear
Our God is here.

-Amena Brown

This post was originally published on April 29, 2015. 

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