SLIDELL, La. – Jayden Witsell, 9, dreams of someday becoming a law enforcement officer, and to prepare for the big job he always carries something to bring him a bit of luck. Now he wants to share that with his own police officers.

“It’s a St. Michael’s coin,” Witsell told WWL-TV. “If you keep it in your pocket, or in your unit, it will keep you safe everywhere you go.”

Jayden has been handing out cards to police officers marked, “Police Lives Matter.” Inside is a letter of appreciation and the special coin.

One officer turned to Facebook to find the little boy who gave him a card. He wanted to get a picture with the aspiring officer.

“When you did something like that, you became my hero,” one officer told him.

Jayden says all he wants is for officers to get a little more respect.

He hopes to someday work for the DEA or the FBI.

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