Rare About Us/Mission Statement

Rare is an online destination that covers the now, the weird, and the barely believable oddities that peak American curiosity. Rare celebrates the hodgepodge that is American life in all of its forms, telling stories from the heart of the country, from the sentimental to the totally odd.

The Rare staff engages in the conversations that our readers have offline about the American experience, featuring lighthearted hot takes, local news coverage, and relatable reactions that aim to include, not divide.

Wide Open Media acquired Rare.US in May 2018, and operates as an independent publisher with no former editorial ties to Cox Media Group. The Rare: Our America of Wide Open Media values collective conversation, topics surrounding American life, history, and trends. Thoughtful commentary, accurate reporting, and internet pop culture are our continued focuses as we uncover the myths, the secret stories, and the conversations of our nation today.