America is home to a rather diverse range of terrain, even that appearing to be of the divine.

A Redditor shared a picture taken from Wyoming’s I-80 with r/Pics. The caption explained, “This spot on I-80 in Wyoming is known as the Highway to Heaven.”

And we can see why.

The picture captures an inclined road that appears to disappear into the sky.

Of course, the magic is slightly ruined if one decides to take a look at the comments on the post.

When asked if it really looked the way it was depicted, one Redditor replied,

Kind of, the photographer is taking a picture on a downwards slope at one end of the valley. This makes it look like the other end of the valley is going into the heavens, but really the photographer is taking a picture looking downwards.

Some who had driven on the highway said the other side was nothing more than desert.

Others accused it of trying to send drivers to places other than Heaven, thanks to the snow accumulated on the roadway.

Still, it’s not the only spot in America to receive such a compliment.

At least one reviewer on TripAdvisor referred to Beartooth Highway the same way.

As explained,

Welcome to the Beartooth Highway – a National Scenic Byways All-American Road.  This 68 mile byway winds its way through southwest Montana and northwest Wyoming and leads into Yellowstone National Park at its Northeast Entrance.  Since opening to automobile travel in 1937 the Beartooth Highway has welcomed visitors from around the world – introducing them to one of the most diverse ecosystems accessible by auto in the United States.

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