Lions and tigers and bears and… blue jeans?!

Would you like to own a pair of blue jeans that have been pre-mauled by lions, tigers or bears? Better bring your wallet and perhaps a line of credit, reports NPR.

Some fashionable Japanese zoo enthusiasts looked at sales of “pre-ripped” jeans and decided to go one better. They took denim fabric, wrapped it around tires and other objects and let the big cats and the bears have at it. They then took this “distressed” fabric and worked it into actual, functioning blue jeans.

The first fruits of their effort, three pairs of blue jeans pre-mauled by tigers and lions, went on sale this week on Yahoo! Auctions of Japan. Proceeds will go to the Kamine Zoo and other wildlife preservation efforts.

If the auction succeeds, expect to hear much more about “Zoo Jeans” in the future.

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