Stacey Abrams Claimed Abortion Is The Democrat Solution To Inflation (Video)

Back on Tuesday, October 18th 2022, just prior to the 2022 Midterm Elections Democrat operative and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams appeared on MSNBC to discuss rampant inflation.

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Abrams did not blame government spending, or endless foreign wars for inflation. Abrams blamed children.


When asked about voters who vote for economic reasons, Abrams explained that children are the cause of high gas prices and inflation. Abrams can be quoted as saying…

Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas, it’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs. For women, this is not a reductive issue

See a clip of that moment from October 18th, 2022 below…

Abrams was defeated in the November Election by incumbent Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Kemp received over 53% of the vote in a State that seems to swing more to the left in every Election cycle.

Though a back-to-back loser, Abrams carries a lot of power within the Democrat Party. Back in 2019, she was selected by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to give the Democrat response to President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

The Democrats have quite literally chosen Abrams to speak for their Party. What you heard in the clip above, Abrams blaming children for economic catastrophes caused by her own Party, is not a fringe idea for the Democrat Party. It’s mainstream.

It is not enough that Democrats have passed legislation in multiple blue states that even allows for post-birth abortion. See a video of former Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam explaining post-birth abortion below.

A poll conducted by CNN showed that ONLY 10% of Americans support third-trimester abortions. The Democrats have passed legislation to allow POST-BIRTH abortion in several states.

The Democrats are waging a war on American children. If they can’t kill them in the womb, they simply convince them to kill themselves with dangerous surgeries and indoctrination.

This is the modern Democrat Party.

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