What is Rare?

Built by conservatives for conservatives [click here to meet the team], Rare brings you the best in conservative news, political and lifestyle content from a wide range of respected sources. Every day, throughout the day. We’re doing more than presenting information. We’re starting and contributing to a conversation about what matters for the future of our country. Our editors will tee up the dialogue with their Rare Takes, and then our community members engage in the meaningful discussions that have been missing from our culture. If conservatives are discussing the story on Twitter, we’ll include that conversation with our Rare Reactions. Super Stories organize everything important that is shaping the headlines and demands ongoing attention.

Rare looks different from most news sites — because it is different from most news sites [see our Declaration]. Every story and piece of content is designed to be its own “sharable module,” ready to live across your networks of family, friends and various devices. We understand that news, life and discussions all intersect today. That’s why we call Rare “a social content hub.”  It was time for conservative media [you’ll recognize these guys] to be at the center of it all, and we built Rare with that in mind.

Sign in to Rare with Facebook and get the full experience. There is something for every type of conservative — and all are welcome. Let your friends know what you think with one click. Outrageous? Typical? Inspiring? Enlightening? You can also see what your friends are reading, and discover more content you’re likely to find interesting, too.

This is just the beginning for Rare. In the coming weeks and months, new features will be launched to make the Rare experience even better. You can expect three big additions from Rare:
  • My Rare: We’ll make it easy to create a personalized Rare experience, ensuring you get the content that matches your politics and point of view. Follow your favorite writers and topics, recommend stories to Rare, customize news feeds from your trusted sources. You’ll be in control of the design of your own Rare site – sort and filter stories, hide stories you’ve already read or aren’t interested in. Rare should be as unique as you are very soon.
  • The Rare Community: Share stories with fellow conservatives. Attend our events, shop at our store, contribute to our causes and help others in the community who need it.  Our community will grow with deeper engagement around the ideas and content we all value.
  • More Original Content: We have assembled one of the most experienced teams in conservative journalism and social media — and they are each here to make Rare your most valuable news and information resource. You can expect expanded, original content from our staff and contributors, addressing on the ideas and issues that matter most to conservatives today. We’ll launch video and audio feeds, author pages, newsmaker pages and new content categories very soon.