“You poked my heart” the little boy said to the girl, after they argued about the weather

Watching this video that appeared online recently could quite possibly be the most adorable two minutes and two seconds you ever spend. The clip shows a group of children arguing about the weather.

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This video was shot at a day care center in Harrison, Arkansas. Two 3-year-olds got into a heated argument about the weather as the little girl’s twin sister looked on. At one point the confrontation got physical, as the little girl poked the boy in the chest.

“My mom told me it was sprinkling,” one little boy says to a little girl.

“No! My mom said it was raining,” the girl responds.

You say to-may-to, and I say tom-ah-to starts playing in our head. Depending on your age you may have thought of this song too.

The boy and the girl go back and forth on this pressing issue for about a minute. The boy tells the girl she is pretty, and after the staunch rain disagreement comes to an impasse, the little girl pokes the boy.

“You poked my heart,” the boy tells the girl, tears welling up in his eyes.

The little boy’s mother said she originally posted the video on Facebook to share it with family and friends, but other Facebookers began sharing it as well, at least 10,000 times within a couple of days. She normally keeps her videos set on private, but ┬áthe enormous interest in this one encouraged her to share this little gem with the world. A lot of people are glad she did.

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