Robert De Niro was a major player in organizing a massive anti-Donald Trump rally in New York City on the eve of the presidential inauguration. When De Niro took to the podium, he delighted the gathering by reading fake tweets that he imagined Trump might send “in the middle of the night.”

He told the crowd: “I want to read a few tweets to you. I know you haven’t heard them because they won’t be said until later, in the middle of the night. First, De Niro’s career is a disaster. He was passed over for ‘Godfather 4′ and Magnificent 7.’ Pathetic!”

On Tuesday, De Niro made an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and discussed those fake tweets with the host. Meyers read snippets of De Niro’s humorous made-up tweets as the legendary actor mostly grinned and nodded.

“De Niro should give back his Oscars, voting was rigged.”

“There’s only one true raging bull, and that’s Vladimir Putin.”

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“An extremely credible source tells me Nobu…”

Meyers interrupted himself to clear up any would-be confusion about why De Niro would be talking about a sushi restaurant: “Nobu, that’s a sushi restaurant, and you’re a co-founder of Nobu, ’cause otherwise people would be wondering, why is that a slam of Robert De Niro?”

“Exactly,” De Niro said.

“Famous fishmonger, Robert De Niro,” Meyers said before continuing with the make-believe tweet: “An extremely credible source tells me Nobu uses raw fish in their sushi, and the portions are small. Sad!”

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“One day, hopefully you’ll avoid the real ones, but the fake ones are a lot of fun,” Meyers told De Niro. “We live in interesting times, right?”

“We sure do,” De Niro said.

And with that, Meyers closed the show.

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