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The 2016 campaign season was one of the most brutal in history, featuring, among other things, Donald Trump promising to jail his opponent and his campaign’s parading of Bill Clinton’s alleged mistresses. The president-elect has alternated between trying to negotiate some sort of fragile peace and blasting his opponents. On New Year’s Eve he wished a happy New Year to his “many enemies and those who have fought [him] and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!”

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But while the nation is still trying to heal from the divisive campaign, Hillary Clinton’s aides have confirmed that the Democrat will be attending Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. Politico reported that both Bill and Hillary Clinton will be attending the inauguration, along with George W. Bush and Laura Bush. The 43rd president was critical of Trump during the election and withheld his endorsement until after the election, when he offered a congratulatory phone call. While Clinton has stayed far away from the spotlight in recent weeks, her decision to attend the inauguration can be interpreted as reaching across the aisle.

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According to CNN, there are a number of groups performing at Trump’s inaugural parade even though many of the high school bands that have become staples of the event backed out. The Boy Scouts of America and each branch of the military will be represented at the event.

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