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Identical 10-year-old twins Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry were born in China, separated at birth and adopted by two different American families. On Tuesday’s episode of “Good Morning America,” they were finally reunited for the first time.

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Audrey, who has reportedly grown up in Wisconsin, asked her parents for a sister for Christmas, never expecting to find out she already had one. Her mother was able to track down Gracie after finding a picture of the two as babies, living in Washington, and the girls spoke for the first time on FaceTime. The two finally met in person on Tuesday, wearing matching outfits and hugging each other in a tearful embrace.

“It’s very overwhelming,” Gracie said shortly after meeting her sister.

“It felt like there was somebody missing,” Aubrey added. “Now, it’s complete.”

The girls say they share of love of chicken alfredo and mac and cheese, and they also both suffer from the same heart condition, having both undergone heart surgery after arriving to the United States.

“Oh, it was unbelievable. I’m like, ‘How?’ I mean, this is stuff you read about,” Audrey’s mother Jennifer Doering said when she discovered that her daughter had a twin. “And how, how could it really be that there are two of them?”

“I mean, it’s hard to process that information,” Gracie’s mother Nicole Rainsberry added. “It was so crazy to be looking at what looked like Gracie, but knowing that it wasn’t Gracie.”

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