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Kylie Jenner just might have to celebrate her birthday 10 days late this year.

The reality star is selling a 2017 calendar featuring racy photos of herself on her official Kylie Shop merch store, but there’s just one problem: her birthday is marked incorrectly. The month of August includes a picture of a topless Jenner eating birthday cake, but Aug. 20 is marked as “Kylie’s Birthday” instead of the correct date, Aug. 10.

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“20 today!” the calendar even reads in Kylie’s own handwriting as an extra reminder about her special day.

Unfortunately for some fans, their calendars, shot by photographer Terry Richardson, are already in the mail, because initial batches went to print before the error was caught. Some have even received theirs already and have pointed out the mistake on social media. There has been no word yet from Jenner’s team on if they plan on fixing the blunder.


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