Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini alleges her former church may have gotten involved in case against “That ’70s Show” star

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Actress Leah Remini believes that the Church of Scientology may allegedly be involved in stalling the investigation into rape accusations against actor Danny Masterson.

In March of this year, news broke that several women had accused the former “That ’70s Show” actor and Scientologist of sexual assault, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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As the investigation into Masterson have reportedly stilled, Remini appears to be insinuating that the LAPD isn’t properly handling cases involving her former church.

“The captain of that department, Cory Palka, goes to the Scientology Celebrity Centre often. There are pictures of him hanging at Celebrity Centre,” Remini told The Daily Beast. “Scientology is very slick in that it’s partnered in this Police Activities League with the Hollywood division, and every year around Christmastime Celebrity Centre International right on Franklin presents the Hollywood Police Department with a check for this Police Activities League, which gives back to children.”

Leah Remini and actor Danny Masterson during a 2007 benefit dinner and concert. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

“There are Scientology policies that say, ‘Safe-point yourself to the area police department because then nobody will attack your good works,’ so it’s all very pointed and calculated,” she continued.

After allegations against Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”) and Louis C.K.’s (“Louis C.K. 2017”) sexual assault accusations have caused Netflix to severe all ties, some wonder why the streaming network hasn’t done the same with Masterson, who currently stars in Netflix series “The Ranch” alongside Ashton Kutcher.

Several people including Chrissie Bixler, one of Masterson’s accusers, and Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali — a journalist who’s been reporting the claims, have blasted the streaming platform for continuing to work with Masterson, 41, amid the investigation.

Remini has said in the past that she believes the Church of Scientology treats its famous members differently, citing the relationship between her best friend, Jennifer Lopez, and Lopez’s father.

“The [practice] of Scientology says her father should be disconnecting from her because she’s connected to me. And that hasn’t happened,” she told PEOPLE in September.

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In a statement to Newsweek, Church of Scientology spokesperson, Karin Pouw, has since denied all claims that they’ve been involved in an alleged cover-up.

The Church of Scientology adamantly denies that when Chrissie Carnell Bixler came to the Church regarding her relationship with Mr. Masterson she made any criminal allegations. The Church also denies and takes offense to the implication the Church would ignore the criminal behavior of certain members, especially at the expense of alleged victims. The Church follows all laws and cooperates with law enforcement.

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