Jeff Goldblum’s first date with his contortionist wife is just as odd as you’d expect Photo by Ron Sachs - Pool /Getty Images

Two days after Jeff Goldblum met his future wife at a gym, he asked her to do contortions on top of a jazz piano he was playing — and only Jeff Goldblum can make a story like that sound like a regular candlelit dinner.

During an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” co-guest Jack Whitehall shared a tale about being compared to contortionists at a performance for Prince Charles — also comedic gold — and host Graham Nortion revealed that Goldblum’s wife, Emilie Livingston, was one as well.

The actor went on to tell a story chockfull of laughs and singing about how he and the former Olympic gymnast met six years prior.

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At one point, Norton asked, “If you go on holidays, can she get in a suitcase, that kind of thing?”

“She was a magician’s assistant so she packed herself away in a box … she’s quite, quite bendy,” Goldblum quipped.

Viewers definitely loved the funny interview.

This couple clearly wins the competition for having funniest first date story to tell their two kids!

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