Ryan Reynolds was as pee-yourself funny in his action film “Deadpool” as he is on Twitter. In true Reynolds fashion, he combined the two and now we know what to do in case we can’t hold “it” in. In a hilarious response to a fan on Twitter, he jokingly shared that his character’s costume doubled as a restroom.

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“Everybody knows the Deadpool suit is also a toilet. Get it together,” he tweeted.

Monique Tamminga had shared an epic photo of her son donning the famed Deadpool suit while striking a pose only Reynolds himself could top. She asked the actor if he had any tips about how her kid was “supposed to use the washroom,” and his response was excellent. Reynolds’ followers certainly thought so.

Someone brought up the good point that Deadpool isn’t the only superhero wearing a full bodysuit, which begs the question: what does Spidey do when his bathroom senses are tingling?

Deadpool is known for “breaking the fourth wall” and interacting with the audience, but we’ll leave this particular bathroom scene to our imaginations.

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