When a pregnant woman went into labor on the way to the hospital, cops helped save the day with a special delivery

32-year-old Devi Mariah Ostler realized that it was time to go the hospital.

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With her husband out of town, Ostler started driving herself there, but along the way her water broke, she pulled over and she went into labor. After calling her husband to let him know what was going on, she called 911.

Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Josh Carr and Willard City Police Chief Jean Loveland were on the scene in minutes and helped deliver the baby in the driver’s seat.

Loveland told Fox 13 that they got there just in time.

“Trooper Carr got a blanket and put it under her and the baby just as the head delivered. Probably 30 seconds later, the baby was delivered,” she said.

Carr said that this was the highlight of his career. “It was very emotional. Probably next to my own children’s birth, it was the most satisfying moment of my career,” he said.

Ostler gave birth to a healthy and hearty 9-pound, 9-ounce boy.

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