“The Voice” Meghan Linsey reveals how close she was to never singing again Photo by Sanford Myers/Invision/AP
Meghan Linsey arrives at the CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, in Nashville, Tenn. (Photo by Sanford Myers/Invision/AP)

“The Voice? favorite Meghan Linsey went over and beyond the call of duty when it came to sharing health updates on her various social media channels after she was bitten by a brown recluse back in February of this year.

However, now that the country star is fully healed, the full story continues to come out. In fact, in an exclusive interview with “Entertainment Tonight?s” Cameron Mathison, Meghan revealed just how close this spider bite was to ending her singing career for good.

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“When I started having muscle spasms and my throat felt like it was going to close — I actually had a red spot that developed [on my throat] seven days after I was bit,” she said in the interview. “For nine days, it was a different symptom every day and it got increasingly worse. It gets really bad and then it gets better, so I was like, I feel like six or seven days later I should be getting better, and instead, I was waking up and my throat’s almost closed, and I have a red spot on my throat. That part was scary. The muscle spasms were scary to me because it was up in my shoulder blades. I’m like, ‘Am I having a heart attack?’ The way my body was reacting to the venom, that was the scariest part.”

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These serious symptoms obviously had both Meghan and her doctors on edge when it came to how the bite would affect her career.

“The venom didn’t affect my singing at all, which is awesome, which actually, my wound care doctor was a bit worried about that,” she revealed. “She asked me every day, like, ‘How is your voice? Can you sing? Are you OK?’ because I had things going on with my throat. So, luckily, it has been OK. I’m making a record, almost done actually, planning on releasing this summer. It’s been great, almost done with the record, touring and doing my thing.”

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