This country legend is fed up with everyone on both sides of the aisle in Washington, D.C. Getty Images/Rick Diamond
Getty Images/Rick Diamond

No matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on these days, we’ve got a feeling many of you will identify with Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Daniels’ latest blog.

He just wrote an “open letter to politicians of Democrats, Republicans, independents, liberals, conservatives and every other ilk of politician who is elected by the votes of Americans.” In the piece, Charlie charges that politicians only serve the interests of their own party in efforts to get re-elected.

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He writes, “In your self-righteousness zeal to toe your party’s line, you have completely forgotten about we the people and the welfare of the nation you’re supposed to be serving. It’s become a game with you people, you’ve all turned into tattle tales, petulant pubescent third graders, all bent on becoming teacher?s pet and doing anything it takes to garner a few more votes.”

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According to Charlie, working to get re-elected every few years has put these career politicians out of touch with the needs and opinions of the American people.

“I truly believe that when our forefathers designed our political system they never made allowances for career politicians,” Charlie continues. “I believe the system was designed for a citizen politician to serve a term or two and then vacate the seat so somebody who actually knows what’s happening in the streets now, come in with a fresh opinion and without 20 or 30 years of partisan political baggage and obligations.”

He sums it by telling the politicians in Washington, “America is bleeding and we don’t need you deepening the wound.”

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Charlie’s blog in the comments section on this Facebook post.

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