Danny DeVito tells Jimmy Fallon that he watched Jimmy’s mom interrupt a De Niro play YouTube/The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Danny DeVito has been in the spotlight for a number of years, and it’s unlikely that he’ll be moving out of it any time soon. His new film “The Comedian” with Robert De Niro hit theaters at the beginning of December and the 12th season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” where DeVito plays a scamming and degenerate businessman is currently on FX.

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On Thursday night, DeVito stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and told a hilarious story about a time that he watched the host’s mother interrupt a Robert De Niro play. DeVito and Fallon were in mid-conversation when the tiny actor declared, “wait a minute,” and recalled a time that he and Fallon were at a play and Fallon’s mother called a lot of attention to herself by noisily unwrapping candy in the audience.

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