Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson has been the subject of much conversation lately, much of it about the idea of the People?s Champ running for president at some point. And as the host of last night?s ?SNL? season finale — his entry into the Five-Timers Club! — he addressed it with the help of some of the other Five-Timers.

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Alec Baldwin joined Johnson on stage first after ditching the orange facepaint and donning his Five-Timers smoking jacket for the sacred ritual of welcoming a new member into the club, as Alex Moffat appeared with a jacket for Johnson himself. But back to Johnson 2020, the campaign that ?began? last night. Because the Rock has already picked his tag-team partner, another universally adored Five-Timer, Mr. Tom Hanks.

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Between the two stars, they have the American voter in their hands. Hanks gets the senior vote because he fought in World War II — numerous times. Johnson gets the minority vote since ?everyone just assumes [he’s] whatever they are.? Johnson/Hanks 2020. Where do you volunteer?

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