Man shares photo of bizarre book written by guy from his hometown — and it’s something else

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A deceased veteran’s self-published book is going viral after excerpts were uploaded to Twitter and got the internet talking.

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The book is called “One in a Hundred Million: The Life and Times of Marion Urichich,” and the cover immediately draws you in. On the bright yellow cover, the text promises the reader three stories: one about a doctor giving Marion the wrong serum for a stingray wound, one about him falling into the tracks of a bulldozer and another about a 37-year legal entanglement.

Inside, Marion seems to tell little bits of his life, like one time when he went to Cleveland to sell coal but ended up giving his goods away to people on credit and thus infuriating his mother.

The Twitter user who posted the photos of the book runs a podcast entitled “Talking Simpsons,” that’s based on the popular cartoon, and he pointed out that you can read every chapter of the book in the voice of Grandpa Simpson, and it makes more sense. He’s actually not wrong. Here’s a highlight reel of Grandpa Simpson to give you a feel for the narration:

As an added bonus, you can even pick up the book on Amazon. Here’s the description that Marion Urichich writes for his masterpiece online:

I was born in the small town of Campbell, Ohio and grew up poor but with a great very close family. I served in the military during both WWII and Vietnam as a Marine and am quite proud of my accomplishments during my time in service. I tried variouse types of work throughout my younger years but ultimately ended up in the used car and used parts sales business.

I consider myself very lucky to have become the successful man that I am due to the fact that I have lived my entire life with severe ADD. I never actually knew about this till many years later in my life. I also have a broken leg that never healed correctly because my family was to poor to send me to a doctor. Despite all these things not only was I successful in business, but in sports as well, including winning 12 out of 15 events at the Senior Olympics when I was in my late 50’s.

My book is the story of my life and how I lived and survived having severe ADD and living with a broken leg I did not even know I had. My hope now is that others will read my story and find inspiration in it so that they may overcome the problems in their lives that might be holding them back.

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