“The Voice” is not meant to be a comedy show, but that’s precisely what the UK edition of the show turned into last week when recording artist accidentally hit the buzzer for a singer as he was performing during the blind auditions.

Lawrence Hill took the stage to impress the judges with his voice, surely hoping one of them would push his or her buzzer to indicate interest. Unfortunately, Lawrence couldn’t have known that had been doodling on his buzzer before the contestant began to sing. As Lawrence was singing, decided he should use his sleeve to wipe the doodle off of his buzzer. That’s when hilarious catastrophe struck. As wiped the doodle, he accidentally hit the buzzer, causing his chair to swivel and Lawrence’s dreams to soar.

RELATED: “The Voice” coaches dramatically read each others song lyrics couldn’t contain his shock and panic as his chair swiveled to face the stage. Not one to bullshit, the artist admitted his blunder to Lawrence. “I thought I was cleaning [your] eyebrow and I pushed down on the button harder than I should,” said — draining Lawrence’s eyes of their shining light of hope.

Ultimately felt that the entire ordeal was destiny. Lawrence said he’d “never felt so insulted yet so happy” before!

(h/t Mirror) accidentally hit his buzzer on “The Voice” and omg what a beautifully awkward fail ITV/The Voice Brightcove screenshot
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