It turns out we’ve been cutting watermelon wrong our whole lives

If you had your life to live over again, is there anything you’d do differently? Maybe get up the nerve to ask that cute kid to dance back in the sixth grade, take the road less traveled or stop the thief who will later kill your uncle Ben.

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Setting aside these trivial could have beens, what about a better way to slice a popular summertime treat? Now we are talking new paradigm, creative destruction, (or slicing) and moving the ball down the field. It’s the 21st century and a man with a very refined accent wants to help us help ourselves. To watermelon.

Summertime means picnics and watermelon, and there are a million ways to enjoy this fabulous fruit on a hot day. Maybe even a million and one point five. But the traditional watermelon slicing method is not very efficient.

You can make watermelon shot glasses, char it up on the BBQ, try this smoothie hack or add bits to pizza for a refreshing twist. You could throw it off a tall building but only if you’re a late night TV host.

But no matter how you serve it or throw it, let’s start with the basics: We’ve been cutting watermelon wrong most of our lives. We know this is painful news, but the sooner you start living your life with renewed watermelon slicing purpose the sooner all of us can evolve into the enlightened watermelon eating beings we were always meant to be. Onward and upward, to infinity and beyond.

With just a few slices, you can quickly and easily serve up a whole watermelon at your next party and impress all your guests. Especially those annoying Martha Stewart wannabes.

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